Mountain Bike Helmets

Mountain Bike Helmets: How to Choose the Right Safety Helmet

Mountain Bike Helmets

Mountain bike helmets are a must for every cycler, regardless of your skill level. From beginners to pros, safety helmets are a necessary accessory to give you the best protection against accidents.

Among the many protective gear for cyclists, mountain bike helmets are probably the most important. In case of an accident, it’s the only thing that will come between your skull and the hard concrete. In extreme cases, it can be the difference between you walking away unharmed or the ICU.

There are several considerations for choosing the right kind of safety helmet for your riding needs. Here are some of them:

  • Weight. This consideration is particularly important for riders who race. When you race, you want to be light and streamlined. Helmet weight becomes one of the factors you consider.
  • Fit. A helmet should fit your head properly to offer the best protection. A number of features on different brands and models of helmets are designed to give you a comfortable and snug fit. Features like the size of the helmet, the  strap, an inner ring and paddings can all contribute to a well fitting helmet.

  • Ventilation. Evaluate your helmet and see how many vents it has. More vents mean better ventilation.
  • Absorbent and washable lining. Look for helmets that have absorbent linings that can soak up your sweat. You also want linings that can be removed and replaced for easy cleaning.
  • Ability to protect. You want a helmet that can protect you when you need protection the most. There are 2 kinds of helmet according to what kind of protection they can offer. You have leisure cycling helmets, which are less expensive and are designed for moderate paced cycling and performance helmets, which are constructed to endure the rigors of racing and off road riding conditions.
  • Price. When it comes to mountain bike helmets, keep in mind that you get what you pay for in terms of quality and design. If you enjoy riding fast and in rigorous road conditions, then it’s worth getting the top of the line models that offer the best protection.

There are many helmet brands that cater to the needs of the cycling community. You have Giro, Met and Bell helmets, with Giro offering some of the most innovative helmet designs. To learn more about the different brands of mountain bike helmets and how they compare, read our reviews on these brands.

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Mountain Bike Helmets